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ZMA has a physical location as well as Globally Online:
Palm Beach/Boca Raton/ Ft. Lauderdale/ Miami FL
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Private Piano Lessons
With a ZMA Certified Teacher
All Styles and Genres! 

Whether its Jazz, Rock, Classical, Country, Gospel, Praise and Worship, Pop, Punk, or Blues, we can teach you how to play ANY style and genre that you like! Our instructors here at the Zagaria Music Academy are committed to teaching you in a customized way that is catered to each individual. Special attention is given to performance technique, power, sensitivity, consistency, and endurance in your playing. Your artistic potential, combined with good music fundamentals, and a rock-solid knowledge base, can in due season form in you the accomplished musician you can be. 

We would love to have the opportunity to serve all of your individual learning needs. All student levels are encouraged to enroll.
Jeffrey’s dad was a very successful piano and organ teacher in the North Shore area of Boston, MA. Jeffrey also has encorporated his personal piano study with several renown teachers, performers, maestros, and professional conductors. Plans for a Zagaria Music Method Piano online course, book, and video series for beginners being planned for 2014. Learn the ZMM with Jeffrey or one of the Zagaria Music Academy teachers privately by calling and setting up an appointment today.
The Zagaria Music Academy encourages learning in a fun and positive setting. Jeffrey’s dad and mentor always told him, “Slow is fast”. We believe in taking the time to make sure that our students understand the foundation principals that are necessary in becoming a great musician. According to Jeffrey, “Music should be fun.”
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